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Salemme Pepper + 116 Crown

“I was introduced to Salemme Pepper years before opening 116 Crown. As an avid champion of spice I was attracted to it’s heat and engaged by it’s flavor. It was so singular that I vowed that I would use it someday in a restaurant of my own.When that day came, I did. We have used […]

Salemme Pepper + Caseus Fromagerie Bistro

“Salemme Pepper is our ‘go-to’ for brightening and jumping up just about any dish. The smokey, sweet and punchy hot spice has elevated everything from simple French Omelets, braised vegetables, gazpacho and even a dark chocolate cake most recently. It’s a staple in the Caseus kitchen and always available in our cheese shop. The fact […]

Firefly Hot Pepper Cookies, by Savor Fine Foods Feature Salemme Pepper

Savor is a bakery based in Watertown, Connecticut that makes artisan cookies. Their vision is to “build a community and audience that appreciates non-traditional flavors and understands the urgency of local food production.” Savor’s spicy cookie is no exception to this high standard, made with none other than Salemme Pepper. You can find these cookies […]

Salemme Pepper Featured on Tri-state Food Blog, 150ish

Via 150ish — Each week we feature our pick for the best in locally produced food and drink. From arugula to Angus beef, pies to pickles, wine to whiskey, we’re scouting the green markets and roaming the back roads and rooftops to bring you what we’ve bought, tasted, and liked. You’ll learn about the products […]

Turning Up the Heat

Via the Waterbury Republican-American, by Tracey O’Shaugnessy — There was that time in the back seat with his brother. He put a whole one in his mouth. A pepper. Not just any pepper. A Salemme Pepper. And once the cherry skin of the slender, threadlike pepper reached the tender taste buds and the delicate ridges […]